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Endocrine Enhancements

Home Office Location: Seattle
President/CEO: David Geller
Chairman of the Board: Monica Carsters
Corporate Status: Public Corporation
Major Shareholders: David Geller (47 Percent Approx.)
Monica Carsters (21 Percent Approx.) Morris Reddman (18 Percent Approx.)

Primary Business

When originally incorporated, Endocrine Ehancements was called LifeSavers. The company ran a fleet of medwagons, meant to directly compete with DocWagon. After a mediocre start, the company closed its doors to the public. Unknown to the majority of the population, LifeSavers modified its cloning facilities, and began research into the field of biotechnology. Practically overnight, EE made advancements in that field unequalled by any other similar-sized company. EE President David Geller says that the thanks go to their crack team of dedicated, talented biologists and technicians.

>>>>>[What a steaming crock of troll shit! EE owes its "amazing advamcents" to a corporate raid on another company, called Diren Industries. Their raid was so successful, they managed to bribe Diren's sole owner (a guy named Ian Janewan) to "merge" with EE. Needless to say, nobody's heard of Diren Industries anymore.]<<<<<<
        - MelonBall [12:44:19/04/17/53]

>>>>>[A steaming crock of what? Watch it, breeder!]<<<<<<
        - Jacob Fang [22:19:36/04/19/53]

Although their advancements were astounding, David Geller knew that EE couldn't go much farther without a major influx of nuyen. Thus, in 2051, EE formed a limited partnership with Universal Omnitech. Together, the two companies work hand-in-hand, forging a trusting, and mutually profitable, partnership.

>>>>>[Can you believe this "hand-in-hand" drek? I bet EE spends 90% of its time trying not to be swallowed up by Universal Omnitech, and the other 10% of its time trying to keep important discoveries from the goons at Omnitech.]<<<<<<
        - Flat Pat [18:08:56/04/20/53]

The two companies have done much to further advance the field of biotechnology. However, as EE President David Geller laughingly points out, "Don't expect to see biotechnology in your local DocWagon hospital tomorrow! We're still years, if not decades, away from any major breakthroughs.

>>>>>[Oh no, I can just hear Whisper now! "The Bio-warriors are coming! The Bio-warriors are coming!" ]<<<<<<
        - DeathChamber [13:34:16/04/22/53]

>>>>>[You're a drone, DeathChamber. My research is accurate; EE and Universal Omnitech are way closer to breakthroughs in biotech - as a matter of fact, I think they've already done it. If you don't believe me, fine. As for me, I'm investing every last nuyen I can get my hands on into EE.]<<<<<<
        - Whisper [22:44:01/04/24/53]