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Endocrine Enhancements Security Scare

AP - January 27, 2053: Lone Star forces were summoned to Endocrine Enhancements' Redmond offices early this morning to respond to reports of gunfire and explosions. When police arrived on the scene, they found a security officer dead in his guard shack, a large crater and a section of blasted fencing, and a security attack/defend drone waiting near the damaged fence.

"We were a bit nervous at first," said officer Mike Daniels. "The drone had obviously caused a great deal of damage, and we were not sure how it would react to us." Apparently, Lone Star had nothing to worry about. The drone was shut down from its remote operations base by one of EE's crack riggers.

EE President David Geller was not available for comment, but MNN correspondants did manage to interview corporate COB Monica Carsters.

"Lamentably, a prototype security drone experienced some trouble last night," said Ms. Carsters. "It over-reacted to a null threat situation, and reacted according to its programming. The drone in question has been scrapped, and our entire Security Drone division has been called in for reprogramming."

Unfortunately, Security Guard Robert Manning died in his guard house during the drone's attack on the fence. Early forensic reports state the cause of death as myrocardial infarction.

>>>>>[Suuuuurre, that's what happened. Yeah, right, and I'm an Awakened burrito. Proves once again that you should never swallow the corporate line. Reliable word has it that the destruction at EE was the result of a raid by a pack of Shadowrunners. Got away with a fair bit of data, and EE president David Geller is foaming at the mouth. Kinda makes ya wanna phone him up and mock him, don't it?]<<<<<<
        - ScreamingPete [19:52:33 - 01/27/53]