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New Technology


Forearm Guards

After polling more than 1,000 hardworking people like you from around the country, Ares Arms has devised a new type of personal defense; forearm guards! Padded armorplast sections are form-fitted to each wearer, providing heavy impact protection across the back of each forearm. Designed specifically for parrying and forearm smashes! An instant street favorite!

Weapon Concealability Rating Damage Weight Cost Street Index
Forearm Guards 12 +1* (Str +1)M .2 250 .75
* Gives the wearer an additional +1 of Impact Armor against unarmed and armed combat. Not good against ranged weapons of any kind.

>>>>>[Wonder how they polled the SINless?]<<<<<<
        - FastJack [11:28:09/01-22-53]