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Skip the introduction, and get down to the information.

The following is an excerpt from the grammar school primer, Bionetics: Friend of Foe?. The excerpt is used without permission.

     The human body is a complex and intricate machine built from organic materials and compounds. Just as with any other machine, man seeks to improve it beyond the factory specifications. Bionetics, a subset of biotechnology, is the field of science dedicated to improving the human machine on an organic level, and on a macrobiological scale. That is, bionetics research seeks to improve the body's many existing organs and subsystems by enhancing and augmenting them.
     These enhancements, while attempting to perform the same function. are different from cybernetics. Metal is stronger, and silicon faster than flesh, but flesh is more malleable. Meat is by far the subtler, and infinitely more diverse, medium. Bioware is undetectable, except by intensive medical examination. Casual seraches, X-ray scans, and the like cannot discern the difference between an augmented organ and the orginal. Apart from exploratory surgery and other drastic measures, the only way to detect bioware is thorugh metabolic analysis such as an urinalysis or blood test.

Advances in Bionetics

Currently, bionetics is under research. Testing on human subjects has begun, but currently operates under a 99.9% fatality rating (there is a .1% margin of error).

>>>>>[Check this out, chummers. On a recent run against Endocrine Enhancements (if you don't know'em check out the Corps section) I picked up some interesting info off of their systems. Seems Endocrine and Universal Omnitech are working together hand-in-hand on the biotechnology front. According to this data, they are way closer to workable bioware than they want us to believe.]<<<<<<
        - Whisper [04:13:22/03-18-53]

>>>>>[I know for a fact that we can ignore this bit of bull drek. I know Whisper, we used to work together. He sold out, and now works for Endocrine Enhancements. What's up, Whispy? Trying to drum up interest in your home corp? Drive the stock prices up a bit? Hmmmmm?]<<<<<<
        - DeathChamber [07:29:16/03-18-53]

>>>>>[The only drek here is coming from you, punk. Lies like that deserve to be punished. If I were you, I'd stay out of the Matrix any time I'm around. If we meet, you're in for a major brain-frag.]<<<<<<
        - Whisper [09:03:52/03-22-53]