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Downloads (152 K) A DOS based Shadowrun utility, used for tracking information within the Shadowrun game.

Extreme Prejudice: (94 K) This is my first Shadowrun module, so be kind! :^) My Shadowrun character sheet. 8K A page of condition monitors. I'm never satisfied unless I make my own copy of everything> :^) 5K A spell sheet for use by mages and shamen (shamans?). 5K This is the Hackers font, used often on this web site. File size is 14K.

Temporarily Unavailable: My Shadowrun program. I designed this for use while running a game, to aid me as a GM. The program can create and track contacts, has a list of archetypes, weapons, and more. File size is 3.6M. The file has been taken off line due to some unexpected bugs. Big bugs. With exceedingly sharp teeth. Its not pretty, trust me on this.