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This is the place, chummers. The last bastion of free knowledge on the planet. Governments, the Corps, Illiminati - all trying to keep you in the dark, and sit on the information themselves. We're here to make sure that doesn't happen.

Most of the information posted here is open access - that means anyone who's interested can append their comments. Remember, individual comments may or may not reflect truth. We can't guarantee someone won't post a big pack of lies here. Take these comments with a grain of salt.

Secrets await - Just choose and go!

Please bear in mind, this page is set up so I can let my players know what technology is currently "available" in our game's time line. So there is likely a bunch of stuff out there that won't appear here for some time.

This site contains much that is original work. It also contains information obtained from Shadowrun sourcebooks; such information is copyrighted by FASA, and is used here without permission. I make no claim to ownership of the latter.