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Welcome to ShadowTalk

Welcome to ShadowTalk, Chummer!

ShadowTalk is a moderated discussion list, using e-mail, that lets subscribers chat about the Shadowrun RPG. If you have a new idea, want to promote your Shadowrun site, or want to see what people have to say, then feel free to sign up!

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ShadowTalk Rules

  1. No Flaming! Dispute, argue, contradict, offer construdtive criticism, but do NOT flame. Personal insults will not be tolerated.
  2. Please keep the language as "G" rated as possible. I'm not going to come down on you for swearing every now and then, but if you rip out a string of invectives that would make a sailor blush, I just might. Remember, this list has kids on it.
  3. Do your best to keep conversations Shadowrun orientated. Minor side-threads are ok, but lets keep it in line.