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  1. Cyberguns


Designed by Fichetti Arms, the cybergun series of weapons was designed for installation in cyberarms. Light weapons in the series included the Hold-out Pistol, Light Pistol, Machine Pistol, and Sub Machine Gun. The Heavy Weapon series includes the Heavy Pistol and Shotgun. All weapons fire through a port in the base of the palm. All have internal ammo loads, but can be reloaded. An external ammunition port is available for the automatic weapons (SMG and Machine Pistol), allowing them to take a full clip.

Type Conceal Ammo Damage Weight Avail Cost Street Index
Hold-Out Pistol 12* 12 (Internal) 4L (SA) .3 8/7 days 250 2
Light Pistol 10* 10 (Internal) 6L (SA) .75 8/7 days 650 2
Machine Pistol NA 10 (Internal) 6L (BF) .8 8/7 days 900 2
SMG NA 8 (Internal) 6M (FA) 1.25 8/7 days 1,800 2
Heavy Pistol NA 6 (Internal) 9M (SA) 2.0 8/7 days 800 2
Shotgun NA 4 (Internal) 8S (SA) 2.25 8/7 days 1,200 2
* The Concealability Rating reflects the chance of noticing the firing port on the cyberarm after a shot has been fired. If the firer is observed at the time of the firing, the discharge will be obvious. A heavy weapon or cybergun firing at full auto will always be obvious. An ammo port is obvious only if a clip is sticking out of it.