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Mike Kolkman

Character History

Born to Elesia Mary Summers, who was impregnated artificially in an attempt to have a genetically perfect child. The sperm donor is unknown. Born and raised in Seattle, his mother never married, and had no other children. His mother died when he was 12 as a result of VITAS III infection.

Sorak completed high school, then joined a gang. He also got a job cleaning up a local bar after hours. He joined the military at age 18, and did a 3 year stint. During this time, he learned how to use sniper rifles, and discovered he was a natural. His seargent hooked him up with some underworld types, who contracted him as an independant merc.


ArthurYour fist contact in the world of Shadowrunning is a corporate type named Arthur. He is very closed-mouthed about where he works, but your other sources say its probably for Ares Macrotechnology, in the Knight Errant division. Arthur has always played straight with you, and is a great source of information (as long as you're buying the drinks). Although friendly enough, and a great slot to party with, there's something ... cold ... about Arthur that keeps you from getting too close to him.

Arthur lives in a corporate complex in Tacoma - a good reason not to visit him. His LTG# is 52-5517.


LenorinArthur soon set you up with a computer expert named Lenorin. Lenorin was not what you expected from a dwarf. The dwarves you knew in the army, and in your merc days, were loud, course, and rude. Lenorin is, well, cultured. He is always neat and well-groomed, even while working. After hours, he wears nicely tailored suits and casual clothes.

Lenorin is usually brusque, and hates to be interrupted while working. Despite this, he seems to be a straight-shooter, and has never deliberately steered you wrong. Lenorin owns and operates Expert Computer Systems (in Redmond), and has sold and serviced all your computer tech for quite some time. His LTG# is 206 (64-9989).


Five years ago, you were seriously wounded in a gun battle with Honduran freedom fighters. You were taken to a field hospital, where you were patched up by a capable surgeon named Juliette Chanka. During your convalesence, you grew to know and respect Doc Chanka, both for her healing skills, and as a human being. Juliette is Caucasion, but was born in Korea. She stands about 1.65 meters tall, and, you figure, weighs about 55 kilos.

After leaving the merc corp, and becoming a runner, you lost contact with Chanka, until a few weeks ago. Much to your delight and surprise, you learned she was operating a Shadow Clinic, called "Stiches" (also in Redmond). You visited her, and the two of you hit it off once again. While a good friend, the two of you don't really connect on a physical level. While you respect one another, your world views are too different to allow anything more than a good, comfortable working relationship.

Doc Chanka can be reached at work at LTG# 206 (64-1181). You do not have a home number for her, but her answering service will usually pass a message to her quickly, if you say it is an emergency.