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The Physical Adept
A Revision of Powers

Ok, this is my third (and hopefully final) draft of the revisions of Physical Adept powers. My first revision scrapped the concept of purchasing physad abilities with magic, and instead brought in a straight mana cost. After deciding that was too much, I scrapped that, and just halved the cost of all physical adept abilities. I have now been informed that SR has already addressed the problem, and allows physical adepts to buy further points of "Magic" at the cost of 20 karma per point. I will be using this rule, only I have modified it down to 10 per point. We'll see how that goes.

New Powers

Power: Attack Focus
Cost: 1
Author: Thanatos (
Description: With this ability, the adept learns to focus his physical attacks (using his natural attacks only this ability does not function for ranged or melee attacks, nor does it function when using cyber implant weaponry), delivering a tight, focused attack with his hands and feet. Any character struck by an adept with this power runs the risk of being knocked down (as per the Stopping and Knockdown rules, SRII page 91).

Like the normal rules, when struck, the character must make a Body Test against a target number equal to the power of the attack, rounding down. For the rest of the rules, consult SRII.

Power: Attack Focus, Concentrated
Cost: 2
Author: Thanatos (
Description: In order to use this skill, the adept must first learn attack focus. This skill requires long and difficult practice. Concentrated attack focus gives the adept the ability to use attack focus without having to touch the target. The adept simply concentrates and points his finger at the opponent. the range is equal to 1 meter for every 1 point of magic the adept has.

Concentrated attack focus requires great concentration (and thus is a complex action). A normal attack roll must still be made. If successful, the opponent is affected as if hit by a concentrated push. When using this ability, the adept must pass an Unaided Body test against 4L stun damage.

Power: Blind Fighting
Cost: .5
Author: Thanatos (
Description: The blind fighting power allows the adept to halve negative modifiers due to adverse visibility situations. This ability can only be applied during armed or unarmed combat, and has no effect on ranged attacks or spell casting.

Power: Camouflage *
Cost: .5/level
Author: Shadowdancer (
Description: This power gives close to the same effect as the critter power "Adaptive Coloration". Each Level adds a +2 modifier when completely Motionless to opponent perception tests.

Power: Catfall
Cost: 2
Author: Thanatos (
Description: With this ability, the adept has learned to twist his body when he falls, minimizing the damage suffered. The ability does not function for falls greater than 100 meters. When falling, the adept is assumed to have fallen from half the distance he actually fell. For example, should the adept fall 50 meters, he is treated as having only fallen 25 meters for purposes of determining damage.

Power: Deep Breathing *
Cost: .4/point
Author: Mark Mohan (
Description: The adept has practice and perfected magical breathing exercises. If given a chance to take a breath, the adept can hold his breath longer than his contemporaries. Each point of this ability purchased allows the adept to hold his breath for an additional 15 seconds.

Power: Enhanced Movement *
Cost: See below
Author: Herbert L. Helzer II [Modified by Arthur S. and Thanatos]
Description: This power allows an adept to increase his/her movement modifier. The adept adds the Level bought to his/her racial movement modifier. The adept is able to maintain this rate of speed for a number of combat turns equal to the adept's magic rating. After using this Power the Adept must make an unaided Body Test against a power level equal to the number of combat phases spent running, with a damage level of M Stun. The Adept may continue to run after this Power expires, but only at his normal Speed.

Level 1: 1
Level 2: 2
Level 3: 4

Power: Extreme Leap
Cost: .25/point
Author: Thanatos (
Description: This ability allows the adept to increase the distance he can jump (jumping rules are outlined in Fields of Fire, pg. 76). Each level of this ability purchased allows the adept to add the level number to his Strength when determining distance jumped.

Each time the adept uses this ability, he runs the risk of suffering drain. After the jump is made, the adept must pass a Body Test against a target number equal to the level of the ability he was using, against a damage code of Light stun. Thus, if the adept used extreme leap, level 3, he would resist damage against 3L Stun.

Power: Immovability
Cost: .2/level
Author: Thanatos (
Description: The adept has trained himself, by learning to place his feet, and tense and relax various muscles, to remain on his feet when others would be knocked over. Any time the adept would be knocked back or down (when struck by a ranged weapon), the character may use this ability to add a number of die to his Body Test to avoid knockdown. The number of dice he may add is dependant on the level taken.

Power: Improved Healing, Stun
Cost: 2
Author: Thanatos (
Description: The adept heals stun damage faster than his contemporaries. To use this ability, the adapt enters a deep, meditative trance (the adept is completely unaware of his surroundings while in the trance). The adept must rest for the usual amount of time, but automatically reduces the level of his stun damage by one box. The adept rolls his healing dice, as normal, but doubles the amount of successes. After using this ability, the adept is ravenous, and must eat a huge meal.

Power: Improved Healing, Physical
Cost: 3
Author: Thanatos (
Description: This rare ability is extremely difficult to master, but completely worth the effort. When the adept has suffered Physical damage, he may enter into a deep, healing trance (similar to a coma the adept cannot be woken from this trance unless he suffers physical damage). While in this trance, the adept concentrates his healing energies on his physical injuries. While in the trance, the adept rolls Body dice against a target number decided by his physical injury level (4 for light wounds, 6 for moderate wounds, and 10 for serious wounds). Target number modifications for physical wounds do not apply (however, target number modifications for Stun wounds do). For every 8 hours spent in this trance (8 full hours; interruptions, even after 7 hours and 57 minutes, disrupts the healing process) the adept may roll one such test.

Each success generated reduces the amount of Physical damage by one box. This accelerated healing has an affect on the body, however. For each box of Physical damage healed in this way, the adept suffers one box of Stun damage. Thus, a character with a Moderate Physical wound who uses Improved Physical Healing would end up with no Physical Damage, but would have Moderate Stun Damage.

If the adept suffers Stun damage which takes him past Deadly, the trance is disrupted, and the adept falls unconscious. He will awaken in the normal amount of time. After awakening, the adept may, if he possesses the skill, employ Improved Stun Healing to reduce the amount of Stun damage he has suffered.

Once Improved Physical Healing is disrupted (for any reason; even if the adept ends the power voluntarily) this ability may not be used again until the adept has healed all physical damage (be it through mundane means, or applications of the treat or heal spells).

Power: Instant Stand
Cost: .5
Author: Thanatos (
Description: The adept has learned how to get her feet quickly if she is knocked down. The adept can either by roll to a standing position, or use an acrobatic flip to regain her feet. Normally, a simple action is required for a character to gain her feet, but an adept who has this ability can regain her feet using only a free action.

Power: Iron Fist
Cost: .5/level
Author: Thanatos (
Description: Through various toughening exercises, the adept learns to harden his fists to the point where they feel like iron. This ability changes the adept's unarmed combat rating from (Str)M stun to (Str + level) stun. The adept can purchase this ability at any level, and need not know the previous level versions (however, the adept cannot voluntarily "shift" the damage down, unless he also knows the ability at that level).

Power: Mystic Shield
Cost: 3
Author: Thanatos (
Description: This ability gives improves the adept's defenses against weapon foci. When activated, the adept rolls a number of dice equal to his magic rating, against a target number of the power level of the weapon focus involved. This test is resisted by the individual employing the weapon focus against the adept (he rolls a number of dice equal to the power level of the weapon focus, against a target number equal to the adept's magic rating).

If the adept fails to roll more successes to than the attacker, this ability has no effect. For each net success the adept generates, however, the power level of the weapon focus is reduced by one when used against the adept, in this encounter only. Note, the weapon focus itself is not harmed or altered in any way. Rather, this ability generates a mild shielding effect, which protects the adept during the encounter.

Whether the ability is successful or not, the adept must roll a damage resistance test. The power level of this test is the power level of the weapon focus involved, and the damage code is L Stun.

Power: Phantom Image
Cost: 2
Author: Thanatos (
Description: When employed, this ability causes the adept's outline to blur; his body appears to be in a different place, making the adept appear to be where he is not. This distance is never far; only a few inches in any direction, but it is enough to hinder attempts to attack the adept. When first used, the adept rolls a number of dice equal to his magic level against a target number of 7. Every success generated adds a +1 penalty to the target numbers of individuals attacking the adept. This ability is useless against most spells, but does function well against Manipulation spells.

This penalty is reduced by 1 for every two combat phases in which the adept takes an action. This reflects the opponents ability to track the adept, and compare differences in his apparent position with his actual position. When the target number penalty is reduced to zero, the ability ends. At this point, the adept must make a drain resistence test against 7M Stun.

Power: Twisting Hands
Cost: .25/level
Author: Thanatos (
Description: Using this ability during armed or unarmed combat, the adept can twist and turn his hands (or alternately, his melee weapon) during melee combat against an opponent armed with a held weapon (this ability is useless against ranged weapons or implanted cyberware). On any attack phase in which the adept is involved in hand-to-hand combat with an opponent armed with a melee weapon, the adept rolls a number of dice (equal to the level of this ability purchased) against a target number equal to the opponent's skill with the hand-held weapon in question. The opponent opposes this test, using his own skill dice against a target number equal to the adept's ability with this skill. If the target generates more successes, nothing happens.

Should the adept generate more successes than the victim, then the victim suffers a target number modifier against the adept, for the duration of this battle. The victim suffers a +1 target number modifier for each net success generated by the adept. In either case, neither party may employ Combat Pool dice in these tests.

Should the adept generate a net number of successes equal to or greater than the victim's original skill rating with the weapon in question, then the victim has dropped his weapon, and must spend a Simple Action to retrieve it (if he so wishes). The victim still suffers the applied target number modifiers against the adept for the duration of the battle.

For example: Grymm the adept is engaged in a little bit of sword-play with Goros the troll. Grymm decides to employ his twisting hands ability, which he has at level 6. He rolls 6 dice against a target number of 4 (Goros' skill level with his sword), and rolls 1, 3, 5, 5, 6 (generating 3 successes). Goros then rolls a number of dice equal to his skill level with his sword (4) against a target number of 6 (Grymm's twisting hands ability level). He rolls 1, 3, 3, 6, and thus generates 1 success.

This leaves Grymm with 2 net successes. For the remainder of this battle, Goros suffers a +2 penalty to his target number when engaged in melee combat against Grymm. Note, Goros could negate this combat by dropping his sword and pulling his gun, but would still suffer the penalty if he dropped the sword in favour of another melee weapon, or engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

Should Grymm have generated 4 successes, he would have managed to knock Goros' sword out of his hands. Goros would have then been forced to spend a Simple Action to pick the sword back up (or might decided to use another weapon).

* Used without permission. If you created this ability, and do not wish for me to display it here, please contact me at and I will remove it.