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John Norquay


Little MotherYour first contact is a black woman named Little Mother. In her late 20's, Little Mother is about 1.5 meters tall, and weighs 45 kilos. She normally dresses in long, flowing white and grey robes. She is not what you would consider attractive, but hey, thats not what she's there for, neh?

Little Mother is a talismonger, and your main supplier of foci and fetishes. You met her a few years back, and you have had a strictly business relationship throughout this time. Its not that you dislike each other; you both realize that neither of you would want to socialize with the other.

Little Mother owns and operates a magical supply shop called Codex, in the Redmond district. Her LTG# is 21-5972.


Your second contact is an annoying little man every calls the General. The General wears military style combat fatigues at all times. He has several strange medals and insignia, none of which correspond to any known army or merc company. Word on the street has it that The General always wanted to join the army, but could never make the grade. Still, he has some useful skills, and the little worm can get information with surprising accuracy.

You learned long ago never to question his military history, or disparage The General. Normally a calm one, pathetically eager to please, The General becomes easily enraged when called a poser. You actually watched him geek a bartender one evening after listening to the man mock his military "career" for over an hour. Much to everyone's surprise (especially the bartender's), The General pulled out a Fichetti Security 500 and geeked the mouthy slot while everyone watched. You didn't see him for a few days, but after that, everyone was careful not to mock The General too loudly, or for too long.

You don't know where The General lives, but he always carries his wrist video-phone around with him. The number is 63-2001.