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Shadowrunner Imprisoned for Murder

AP - February 7, 2053: An unknown SINless individual, who gave only the name "Linear" to Lone Star, was today sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for the murder of a local man. Other charges included arson, several counts of illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of explosives, and reckless endangerment.

"Justice has been served in this case," said Lone Star Officer Brian Kirkpatrick. "We've been watching this Linear person for some time now, just waiting for him to slip up. Thanks to our perserverance and dedication, he was caught in the act.

We also interviewed Virginia Stevenson, common-law wife of the murdered citizen, Stanley Keroak. Sadly, most of what she had to say was not fit for printing. However, at the end of the interview, she had this to say. "This Linear bastard got off lucky as far as I'm concerned. Seven years is nothing, compared to the rest of my Stanley's life. When he gets out, I'll be watching for him!"

>>>>>[I had the privledge of working with Linear. A good runner, if a bit unkempt. Pity he never managed to learn discretion - or to put a lid on his temper, for that matter]<<<<<<
        - Whisper [12:17:39 - 02/07/53]