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New Technology

Melee Weapons

  1. Monofilament Sword
  2. Survival Knife


  • Cuts virtually anything like butter!
  • Not as clumsy or as random as a monofilament whip!

Because you demanded it, Ares America is making the Monofilament Sword, an incredible piece of weapon technology, available for the first time. We've taken a precision-crafted blade and grafted to it a piece of cutting-edge tech in the form of a monfilament line adhered along a sword edge. Not only do you get the balance and excellence of an Ares sword, but you get the sharpness of a monofilament line leading the way!

Concealability Reach Damage Weight Availability Cost Street Index
3 1 (Str + 3)M 2 4/24 hrs 1,000 1


Survival Knife

  • The Perfect knife for that urban jungle you call home!
  • Not only the wickedest blade on the market, but comes with a small compass, micro-lighter, night-glow stick, and tramua patch in the handle!

Manufactured to UCAS Marine specifications, the Redstone Survival Knife is finally being made available to the general public. Without a doubt, the finest-quality workmanship on the market today.

Weapon Concealability Reach Damage Weight Cost Street Index
Survival Knife 6 0 (Str + 2)L .75 450 1