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New Technology



Dikote is a process that deposits a thin diamond film on any solid surface. This film imparts much more structural strength and resilence ot conventional materials, adding +2 to the Structural/Barrier rating, and +1 to any ballistic and impact armor present. When Dikote is used to coat a melee weapon, the Strength rating for an attack mode with the treated weapon increases by +1 (i.e. 5M becomes 6M). If applied to an edged instrument, the weapon's potential wounding level increases by one level. A sword's normal damage rating is (Str +2)M, but a sword treated with Dikote inflicts a damage code of (Str +2)S. A similarly treated projectile weapon has the effective Strength of the thrower raised by +1. Parrying with a Dikote weapon adds additional dice for defensive purposes only.

Edged weapons with Dikote can inflict damage against hardened (i.e. vehicular) targets. When so used, these weapons reduce their normal Damage Code by one level. Against a man, a glazed sword, for example, would be (Str +2)S; against a car, the same sword would be (Str +2)M.

Price: 1,000 nuyen per 100 square centimeters (1,000 minimum)

>>>>>[Not everything can be glazed with Dikote. The item treated must be able to withstand the heat generated by the plasma. This obviously eliminates cloth and plastic, which, unfortunately, comprise the bulk of casual armor these days. If you've got some of the heavier stuff or ceramic armor, getting it glazed is a great idea. If you have the money.]<<<<<<
        - The Smiling Bandit [Strikes again!/Ha-Ha-Ha]

>>>>>[I've seen a Dikote-treated sword in action. That thing sliced clear through anything in its way!]<<<<<<
        - The Neon Samurai [11:21:00/02-28-53]

>>>>>[I've heard the stuff wears off in about six months or so, but...maybe it depends on what you hit and how often you hit it.]<<<<<<
        - Hatchetman [11:43:45/02-28-53]